Hi, I’m Meghan!

I hold a Masters in Design Research and believe that the best way to solve a problem or discover a new opportunity is by truly understanding the needs of the end-user.

As a senior design researcher at ELEVEN, LLC, I’ve worked with clients across a range of industries utilizing a variety of methods based on the scope of each project. From in-depth interviews and consumer shadowing to store intercepts, no two projects were alike and I was proud to offer personalized research techniques.  The information gathered could then be translated into overarching insights and design principles that led to actionable opportunities. Through this work I've also designed and facilitated workshops and focus groups with various stakeholders to explore new solutions.

Prior to ELEVEN, I worked to improve the experience of patients in a large healthcare organization and worked closely with a North Philadelphia community to empower residents. I believe that design can be a leading agent of social change, instrumental in fostering creativity, organizational learning, and community engagement.